Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Blogs about IBS?

The Internet has opened up a whole new world for healthcare consumers. An enormous information imbalance has gradually decreased, giving patients opportunities to cross-check physician recommendations and ask better questions. Perhaps even more importantly, the Internet has provided new venues for support groups and healthcare consumers to join in on the conversation and share their experiences. 

Support groups are not a new phenomenon. The power of self-help groups was first demonstrated by alcoholics. Alcoholics Anonymous (founded in 1935) helped many of those considered hopeless, something that the medical establishment was not able to do.

Of course, there have been worries that the Internet might fuel hypochondriacs.  But even those critics admitted that "if a computer makes you sick, you can then use it to help you get better." 

Computer-mediated communication has added more power to emerging Health 2.0  due in large part to the fact that anonymity can enable discussion of very sensitive issues, and that remote communication helps people separated by great distances get together. Moreover, networking formats have supported information exchange in real time in addition to e-mail, and search engines have helped people identify relevant groups. 

What's next? Better personal health records, better search engines, and tools to interpret the wealth of information generated by dynamically-evolving networks that can mirror the subtle details of daily life.

Meanwhile, despite what some people think, blogging is alive and well; there were 10 blog posts by IBS sufferers in the last 7 days! 

Of course, willingness to converse depends on the nature of the conversation. Not too many people want to discuss their Irritable Bowel Syndrome on twitter or facebook, but there are constant streams of  related posts and constant conversation.

Today, we are announcing a new Irritable Bowel Blog and are listing existing blogs, some old and some recently updated.  We will try to keep you updated. You can also perform a google blog search (although it does not capture many recent blogs) or check the IBS Stories and IBS group blogs for current information.

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Bloggers from other sites occasionally mention IBS:
See, for example,
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Some Internet marketers copy IBS-related information in their blogs too - like Wielislaw who recently re-posted Are your bowels irritable? in his 07s65 blog.

A few worth-mentioning old blogs:
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@boweltalk/ibs People with or supporting those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
@SharedDiaries/digestive-health Irritable Bowel Syndrome, related conditions, causes and management
@boweltalk/gastro Medical info re: bowel, colon, digestive, gut and gastrointestinal (GI) topics